Please read through the information below before you authorize the download.
  Download For:  WebConnect Rocket 2.0
Download:T-Mobile webConnect Manager for Windows v2.05 (XP, Vista, Windows 7)
Date Updated:05/10/2011
Size:36.7 MB
To find out if you need this software:
  1. Go to "Programs" and see if "T-Mobile" directory exists.
  2. If it does not exist, you will need to install webConnect Manager version below.
  3. If it does exist, open webConnect Manager.
  4. Go to Help > About T-Mobile webConnect Manager.
  5. If version is prior to 2.05.0055.0 you will need the newer version below.
To install the software
  1. Click the "Download" link below.
  2. Choose to "Run" Setup.exe
  3. Choose "Run" at the security warning.
  4. Choose "Setup" to begin installation.
  5. After installation is complete, insert the Laptop Stick in your USB port to begin. If you are using a Netbook or PC with T-Mobile Broadband service included, simply launch T-Mobile webConnect Manager once the installation is complete
Note: A restart of your PC may be required when the installation is complete.
Your use is subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the End User License Agreement.